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    Comptroller Glenn Hegar invites you to join him this fall for a discussion of issues affecting the 12 economic regions of Texas.
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    Protecting the economy by providing Texas resources for cost-effective and efficient compliance with the Endangered Species Act
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    Harness the power of energy efficiency in your community

Sheriffs and Constables' Fees

Sheriffs' & Constables' Fees

Changes to Sheriffs’ and Constables’ fees for 2015 must be adopted by October 1, 2014, and reported to the Comptroller’s office by October 15. Even if no changes are made, use the submission form to notify us that your fees are not changing.

Surplus Property

Surplus Property

On September 1, 2015, House Bill 3438 moved the responsibility for maintaining the Advertised Surplus Property website from the Comptroller of Public Accounts to the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Surplus property is available to state agencies, political subdivisions and approved assistance organizations, not to the general public. Please contact TFC for any questions regarding surplus property.

tobacco enforcement logo

Tobacco Enforcement

Protecting our children from the dangers of tobacco is a vital task requiring constant awareness and continuous effort on the part of parents, state and local government officials, businesses and all Texans.

Texas law tolerates neither sellers nor buyers in transactions where underage consumers are concerned. The Comptroller's office also helps minors educate themselves about tobacco laws and provides concerned citizens a place to blow the whistle on vendors that break the law.

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