About this Site

Information and Tools for Communities and Businesses on the Grow

Government has a wealth of data and resources that can help support the economic growth of communities throughout Texas. To bring this valuable information together in one place, the Comptroller’s office is pleased to offer Texas Ahead, a new one-stop Web portal providing key statistics and other information on matters of interest to economic development professionals and local officials.

Put Texas Ahead to work for you:

  • Gather valuable details for site selection decisions, local government planning and more by running your own dynamic and meaningful reports on Texas demographics, workforce, education, and more. You can also request the assistance of our expert economic analysts. Access the Texas EDGE Data Center to get started.

  • Get snapshots of key Texas industries and economic sectors, highlighting the state’s key strengths and providing compelling reasons for businesses to come to Texas and flourish here. Go to Texas Insight.

  • See how Texas is investing in its future through education and work force development strategies. Get an inside look at Tomorrow’s Work Force.

  • Read economic development and business case studies that provide valuable guidance and models worth imitating. See and share Success Stories.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of our great state and its many facets by looking at Texas on the Map.

  • Access helpful Comptroller materials on a wide variety of topics of interest to local officials who want to stay on top of the dynamic factors shaping the ebbs and flows of the Texas economy. Read it all hot off the press in Reports and Publications.

Most important, let us know your feedback. We want Texas Ahead to keep growing. Share your best practices, success stories, and links to useful local economic development resources. Contact us at texasahead@cpa.state.tx.us or fill out our feedback survey.