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Businesses: Contact the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism

Local Governments, EDCs and Chambers of Commerce:

Back Row (Left to Right): Frank Alvarez, Gerard MacCrossan;
Front Row: Russell Gallahan, Annette Holmes, Ron Gipson

The Comptroller’s Data Analysis and Transparency Division’s Local Government Assistance Team is here to assist you with your questions.

Economic Development Phone Number Email Address

Russell Gallahan
Frank Alvarez
Ron Gipson


Small Business Resources
Ron Gipson 512-936-8530
Local Sales Tax Options

Russell Gallahan
Gerard MacCrossan
Frank Alvarez


Contracting and Procurement
Gerard MacCrossan 512-463-4468
Comptroller Town Hall Events
Annette Holmes 512-475-3792
Sheriff’s & Constable's Fee Report
Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
Tax Code Chapter 311 & 312
Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
General Inquiries
Economic Development and Local Government Division (800) 531-5441 ext. 3-4679

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