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State Energy Conservation Office Links

Texas LoanStar

Since 1988, the Texas LoanStar program administered by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) has provided more than $240 million in loans to finance building modifications designed to save energy. Loan recipients have included state agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, local governments and hospitals.

For information on how to put these dollars to work in your community, see the program's technical guidelines and forms.

Energy Conservation Funding & Incentives

SECO posts current state opportunities and federal programs that can offer your community incentives or financial assistance with energy conservation projects.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) gives information on state and federal renewable efficiency incentives by state, technology type, and incentive type with links to program web sites, legislation, tax credits and deductions, rebates, grants, low-interest loans, property and sales tax exemptions, and bond programs.

See all Texas DSIRE incentives »

Pollution Mitigation Program

SECO's Pollution Mitigation Program provides Texas cities and counties with technical assistance for a variety of energy-related projects, including emission control, energy conservation, building upgrades and energy planning.

Preliminary Energy Assessment

SECO provides a Preliminary Energy Assessment that details recommendations for cost effective efficiency measures that could be taken to reduce a local government's or school district's utility consumption and costs.

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