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Reports and Publications

From groundbreaking reports that delve into the complex issues and opportunities facing Texas to award-winning newsletters that highlight the state’s economic trends, emerging technologies and economic development success stories, the Comptroller’s office strives to provide accurate, helpful information Texans can use.

Whether you are a business owner, a local government official or a Texas citizen, you’ll find compelling information and analysis on topics and trends that affect Texas in our reports and publications.

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Comptroller Economic and Business Publications

  • Texas Rising
    Take an in-depth look at information, insight and analysis focused on vital economic development topics with a focus on resources to help cities, communities and economic development corporations plan for tomorrow’s success.
  • Fiscal Notes
    Fiscal Notes is an informative, entertaining look at trends affecting the state economy. From Texas weather to tourism to new legislation—if it affects your pocketbook, we’ll talk about it in Fiscal Notes.
  • Texas Innovator
    Find out about new breakthroughs and innovative ideas from the worlds of science, government and business, with a focus on inventions and discoveries made by Texans.
  • Economic Development Tax Tip Sheets
    Select from several tip sheet pdfs to determine how to use various provisions of the Texas Tax Code and Local Government Code to fund infrastructure improvements and economic development projects in your area.
  • Texas Ahead Fact Sheets
    Our Texas Ahead one-page reports chronicle the state of the Texas economy and showcase the state’s competitive business advantage in a variety of industries and areas. We track the success stories and share the winning numbers and statistics that help make Texas a great place for business.

Special Reports

Financial Reports, Economic Forecast Charts, Tax Allocation Data & Classification Tools

  • Classifications
  • Texas Local Sales and Use Tax Allocation
  • Biennial Revenue Estimates, 2000-01 to current — January 2013
    Under state law, the Comptroller’s office issues the Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) before the beginning of each session of the Texas Legislature. The BRE is a formal estimate of the funds likely to be available from taxes and other revenue sources over the next two years, in effect telling the Legislature how much money it can spend over the state’s two-year budget cycle.
  • The Texas Community Reinvestment Update
    This update provides an overview of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA); highlights recent data on foreclosures and the subprime lending crisis; and describes small business, small farm and community development lending in Texas. The update also outlines reinvestment strategies and provides examples of community reinvestment initiatives.
  • EDC Reports
    Since the adoption of the Development Corporation Act in 1979, Texas law has allowed cities to form economic development corporations (EDCs) to attract businesses and create job opportunities. This is the latest biennial report on the activities of economic development corporations in Texas. More Local Government Reports
  • Report of the Texas Economic Development Act (Chapter 313)
    Tax Code Chapter 313 (the Texas Economic Development Act), allows school districts to attract new taxable property development by offering tax credits to manufacturers. This report assesses the progress of each agreement.
  • 2012-13 Certification Revenue Estimate
    Access the most recent state revenue estimate with the 2012-13 Comptroller’s Office Texas economic outlook beginning on page three.
  • Economic Forecast Charts
    View the latest forecast data, including Forecast Summary, Real Gross and Nominal Gross State Product, Texas Economic and Nonfarm Employment Details.
  • Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
    Each fiscal year, the Comptroller’s office provides an accurate and thorough report on the state’s financial health. The Texas CAFR presents financial statements for the state’s government, an overview of the Texas economy, a discussion of leading economic indicators and an economic outlook for the year ahead.
  • SB275 Economic Development Report
    SB275 specifies the Comptroller report on state government expenditures supporting economic development, including information on local economic development corporations, state tax exemptions and impacts of tax exemptions.
  • Better Jobs Act Report — November 2010
    The 77th Legislature (2001) adopted the Better Jobs Act, which authorizes cities to establish municipal development corporations to provide additional educational and job training opportunities in their communities. The Act requires municipal development corporations to submit an annual report of their activities to the Comptroller. Our office is charged with compiling this information and providing it to the Legislature in a biennial report. This letter constitutes that report. More Local Government Reports