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Local Government Tools

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The Comptroller’s Economic Development and Analysis (EDA) Division provides education and direct assistance to local governments, allowing them to operate more effectively and efficiently. EDA aids local economic development efforts and promotes best practices and the exchange of ideas among cities, counties, economic development officials and other entities.

Local Government Management Assessments

  • Helping Texas local governments increase effectiveness, efficiency and savings.

Court Costs and Fees Publications

  • The Comptroller’s office prepares a list of each court cost, fee, and fine imposed or changed and publishes it in the Texas Register.

Sheriffs’ and Constables’ Fees

  • The commissioners court of a county may set reasonable fees to be charged for services by the offices of the sheriff and constables. The current fee amounts are reported to the Comptroller’s office.

Budgeting Guides and Best Practices

  • The budgeting guides offer cities and counties a wealth of resources to help set financial goals and develop a solid plan to meet them.

Surplus Property

  • Surplus property listed on this website is available to state agencies, political subdivisions, and assistance organizations.

Other Assistance

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