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Sheriffs' & Constables' Fees – 2005

December 2004


Subpoenas $ 55.00
Summons $ 55.00
Writ of Garnishment $ 110.00
Writ of Sequestration $ 110.00
Order of Sale $ 110.00
Writ of Possession $ 130.00
Writ of Execution $ 110.00
Other Writs Not Specifically Listed $ 110.00
For Executing Each Mental Illness Warrant, a fee of $ 120.00
Service Fees:
Small Claims Citation $ 55.00
Justice Court Citation $ 55.00
Other Service Fees:
Temporary Restraining Order $ 55.00
Simultaneous Execution or Attempted
  Execution of Temporary Restraining
  Order and Notice in Domestic
  Relations Court Cases
$ 70.00
For Bailiff Services rendered by a
deputy sheriff or reserve deputy sheriff,
a one-time fee in each
case before the court in:
    County Court
    District Court
Said bailiff fee shall be deposited to a bailiff
fee special fund or account and shall be used exclusively
to reimburse the County for costs expended
in providing bailiffs as a judicial support service.
$ 35.00
$ 60.00

Commissions for collecting money on an Execution
or Order of Sale when the collection is made by a sale:
for the first $10,000.00 or portion thereof, 10 percent;
and for amounts over the first $10,000.00, 1 percent
commissions per sale limited to $2,800.00 plus costs,
and deputy hours worked in excess of 20 hours
at a rate of $35.00 per hour
When the money is collected by the sheriff or
constable without a sale, half of the above rates,
limited to $1,400.00 plus costs shall be allowed.
Commission calculations should include judgment, interest
and attorney fees collected while excluding any court costs.
Impounding and boarding of livestock:
Boarding (per day)

$ 25.00
$ 75.00

$ 4.00
$ 8.00
Sheriff's Office Fees:
Vehicle Storage $ 25.00
Vehicle Storage Garage Keeper $ 15.00
Clearance Letter $ 35.00
Bond I.D. Card $ 10.00
Posting Notices $ 20.00
Fingerprint Card $ 5.00
Mug Shot (new photo) $ 5.00
Address: County Clerk, Records Building, 509 Main Street,
Dallas, Texas 75202, phone 214-653-7741.