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Sheriffs' & Constables' 2007 Fees


County & District Courts Fee
Citation $75.00
Citation (Eviction) $75.00
Citation (Publication) $75.00
Citation Scire Facias $75.00
Distress Warrant $100.00
Notice $75.00
Notice (Publication) $75.00
Notice Trustee Sale $75.00
Notice (Disposition) $75.00
Orders of Sale*** $100.00
(Civil Subpoena must have $10.00 attached)
Summons $75.00
Temporary Restraining Order $75.00
Turnover Order $100.00
(physical custody of a child)
Writ of Attachment (Person)*** $100.00
Writ of Attachment (Property)*** $100.00
Writ of Garnishment $100.00
Writ of Execution*** $100.00
(after two hours, per deputy per hour)$25.00
Writ of Injunction*** $100.00
Writ of Possession*** $100.00
(after two hours, per deputy per hour)$25.00
Writ of Sequestration*** $100.00
All Other Writs Not Specified $100.00
Precept to Serve $75.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus
***to serve only
Writ of Habeas Corpus
*** to pick up person
Mental Transport $100.00
Ex Parte Order $75.00
Capias $50.00
All Other Services Not Specified $75.00
Fee for subsequent reissue of papers - the fee for each citation, notice or other paper covered under this fee schedule shall be assessed any time the citation, notice, writ or other paper is reissued. 
Posting Notices $50.00
Posting Notices for Writs (each) $20.00
Publication Fee*** $65.00
Plus Cost of Publication and/or Storage Fees.  
NOTE: Any Writ Fee is based on a 2 hour in the field fee. Anything above and beyond this, the miscellaneous fee, per hour/per deputy, will be charged.  
Executing a Deed to Real Estate Under Execution of Order of Sale $25.00
Executing a Bill of Sale to Personal Property Under Execution of Order of Sale $25.00
Miscellaneous Fees:Fees
Per hour/per deputy $25.00
Sheriff's Jury Fee $22.00
Justice of the Peace Courts & Small Claims Courts Citations $50.00

Address: County Clerk, 500 North Church, Palestine, Texas 75801, phone 903-723-7432.