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Surplus Property

Surplus property listed on this website is available to state agencies, political subdivisions, and assistance organizations, not to the general public. The Texas Facilities Commission has the authority to set the price per TX Govt' Code Section 2175.184. The first state agency, political subdivision, or assistance organization agreeing to the price is entitled to the property. During the 12 calendar days that the property is posted on this website, a transfer to a state agency has priority over any other transfer under rules adopted by the commission.

Legislative agencies have transfer priorities that differ from other agencies. The contact person for a legislative agency can answer questions about their transfer priorities.

The Texas Facilities Commission disposes of any surplus personal property from Texas state agencies that is not transferred to an eligible entity. Review the State Surplus at all Store Front Locations.

TFC also disposes of federal surplus property, which is available to state and local public agencies and certain non-profit, tax exempt entities.

Surplus Property Listings

Surplus property listings are updated daily.

Field Definitions

  • Contact
    individual to call to arrange for inspection
  • Sales
    individual to call to determine the price/handling charge for the item
  • Condition
    • N = new
    • G = good
    • F = fair
    • P = poor
  • Appointment
    • Y = An appointment is required to inspect the item
  • Advertised Date
    the date the item was posted to the website

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