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Events Trust Fund

Little boy watching baseballThe Events Trust Fund applies local and state gains from sales and use, auto rental, hotel and alcoholic beverage taxes generated over a 30-day period from an event or series of events conducted no more than once annually. Eligible events are NOT restricted to sports, but the venue must have been selected over others as a sole event site or, the sole site in Texas and adjoining states.

Sporting events, such as cutting horse competitions in Fort Worth, and NCAA sports, including swimming and diving championships are among previous Events Trust Fund recipients.

Starting in fiscal 2010 non-sporting events, such as conventions and conferences, became eligible for Events Trust Fund payments.

The trust fund can be used to pay costs related to preparing for or conducting the event, including equipment, or to pay principal and interest on notes used to build or improve facilities to host the event. One hundred percent of allowable expenses can be funded provided sufficient tax receipts are deposited in the trust fund.

There are specific documents needed to request an ETF. Check the ETF worksheet or contact the Comptroller at: or 1-800-531-5441 x 3-4679

Statute Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, Article 5190.14 Sec 5C
Eligible Events

An event or a related series of events held in this state for which a local organizing committee, endorsing county or endorsing city seeks approval from a site selection organization.

Population Requirements No City or County size limitations
Taxes Eligible
  • General Sales and Use (Tax Code, Ch.151)
  • Motor Vehicle Rental (Tax Code, Ch.152)
  • Hotel Tax (Tax Code, Ch.156)
  • Mixed Beverage (Tax Code, Ch.183)
  • Title 5 Alcoholic Bev. Code
State Review/Approval Comptroller works with the applicant (city or county) to establish the amount of incremental tax gains resulting from the event – which is the basis of expense payment.
Economic Impact “Window” 30 Days
Application Deadline Four months prior to event View the Request worksheet (PDF)
Obligations Allowed
  • 100% of allowable expenses
  • Limited by fund deposits
Allowable Expenses
  • Principal and interest on notes issued by an endorsing municipality or county that are used to improve, construct, renovate, or acquire facilities or to acquire equipment for the event.
  • Payment of costs relating to the preparations necessary or desirable for the conduct of the event and the payment of costs of conducting the event, including improvements or renovations to facilities.
  • Estimates of state revenue may be reduced for events held in Texas on previous occasions.
Specific Use Limitations Cannot be used to solicit relocation of a professional sports franchise already located in Texas.

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