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Major Events Trust Fund

Basketball fansThe Major Events Trust Fund applies local and state gains from sales and use, auto rental, hotel and alcoholic beverage taxes generated over a 12-month period from certain major sporting championships or events to pay costs incurred from hosting the event.

Large and well-attended events have previously been funded, including the 2004 Super Bowl and the NCAA’s 2004 and 2008 Men’s Final Four basketball championships.

The trust fund can be used to pay costs related to preparing for or conducting the event, including equipment, or to pay principal and interest on notes used to build or improve facilities. One hundred percent of allowable expenses can be funded provided sufficient tax receipts are deposited in the trust fund.

Statute Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, Article 5190.14 Sec 5A
Eligible Events
  • Academy of Country Music Awards
  • National Cutting Horse Association Triple Crown
  • Super Bowl
  • NCAA Final Four tournament game
  • National Basketball Association All Star Game
  • National Hockey League All Star Game
  • Major League Baseball All Star Game
  • NCAA Bowl Championship Series or its successor
  • World Cup Soccer Game
  • World Games
  • A national political convention of the Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee
  • A national collegiate championship of an amateur sport sanctioned by a national governing body recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee
  • An Olympic activity, including a Junior or Senior activity, training program or feeder program sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Community Olympic Development Program
  • Breeders’ Cup World Championships
  • Formula One automobile races
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • X-Games
  • Largest event at a venue with over 125,000 permanent seats
Population Requirements No City or County size limitations
Taxes Eligible
  • General Sales and Use (Tax Code, Ch.151)
  • Motor Vehicle Rental (Tax Code, Ch.152)
  • Hotel Tax (Tax Code, Ch.156)
  • Mixed Beverage (Tax Code, Ch.183)
  • Title 5 Alcoholic Bev. Code
State Review/Approval Comptroller works with the applicant (city or county) to establish the amount of incremental tax gains resulting from the event – which is the basis of expense payment. The Comptroller will review the actual number of attendees to confirm the value to the state.
Economic Impact “Window” One Year
Application Deadline Not earlier than one year and not later than 45 days before the event View the Request worksheet (PDF)
Obligations Allowed
  • 100% of allowable expenses
  • Limited by fund deposits
Allowable Expenses
  • Principal and interest on notes issued by an endorsing municipality or county that are used to improve, construct, renovate, or acquire facilities or to acquire equipment for the event.
  • Payment of costs relating to the preparations necessary or desirable for the conduct of the event and the payment of costs of conducting the event, including improvements or renovations to facilities.
Specific Use Limitations Cannot be used to solicit relocation of a professional sports franchise already located in Texas.

The Comptroller is required under Section 5A(w) of Article 5190.14 (Vernon's Civil Statutes) to complete and post an economic impact study following the completion of an event eligible for disbursements from the Major Events trust fund. Below are studies of the measurable economic impact attributable to METF events:

In accordance with 2013’s S.B. 1678, the Comptroller’s office completed a post-event study and compiled appropriate documents for two METF events, the 2014-15 Triple Crown of Cutting and 2014 Formula 1 event.

Legislation approved in 2015 calls for the METF program to be moved to the Office of the Governor, and this transition is under way. If you wish to see a copy of either report prior to September 10, 2015, when the transition should be complete, contact

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