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County Fact Sheet

Run this report for a quick county fact sheet in tabular format. It covers aspects of population, employment, income, poverty, property values, sales activity and education.

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Multi-County Fact Sheet

To select multiple counties, hold down the "Ctrl" or "Command" key and use your mouse to click on county names.

Select up to 10 Counties:

Regional Fact Sheets

Select a Council of Governments (COG):
Select a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA):
Select a Comptroller Economic Region:

Sales Tax: Tax Allocation Payment History Report

Run this report to see monthly sales tax allocation payment data to the various taxing entities in Texas (city, county, metropolitan transit authorities, and special purpose districts) in a tabular format. You can select one or more taxing entities, as well as the timeframe (years).

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Sales Tax: Taxable Sales Report

Run this report for quarterly taxable sales data aggregated by city or county. You can select one city or one county, one or more major industry sector(s) according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), one or more year(s) and one or more quarter(s).

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