Texas Rising
Comptroller Susan Combs

From the time settlers’ wagons carved out routes along dusty cattle trails to today’s modern interstate systems, Texans have always blazed their own trails to success. Our growing population and booming economy make effective transportation more crucial than ever. Local government leaders are looking for solutions to transport goods, products and people quickly and efficiently and maximize their economic development efforts.

The Comptroller’s office is your strategic partner for local government management, and we’re pleased to offer this issue of Texas Rising, which is full of information and resources on vital economic development issues.

In this issue, we highlight transportation and share strategies that Texas towns have used to put transportation to work for their economic development. We share solutions for mapping effective transportation plans, spotlight the ways our office can help you and provide other tools available to take your economic development efforts to the next level.

Our new online resource tool, Texas EDGE (Economic Data for Growth and Expansion), can help local governments in their transportation planning. Visit us at www.window.state.tx.us/texasedge to request information such as maps showing roads, railroads, airports, streets or other public infrastructure to help in your transportation planning. When it comes to economic development, creating jobs and generating new levels of prosperity, local governments in Texas are focused on rising to the occasion every time.

Susan Combs