Texas Rising

Step up Your Economic Development Game

list item 1For resources on traffic and transportation solutions, visit the Comptroller’s Local Government Assistance and Economic Development Division at www.window.state.tx.us/lga or call (800) 531-5441, ext. 3-4679

list item 2Find information on traffic patterns and congestion spots in your area in the Texas Transportation Institute’s (TTI) latest Urban Mobility Study. Contact TTI at (979) 845-1713 or visit http://tti.tamu.edu.

list item 3Contact the Texas Department of Transportation to find strategies your town or city can follow to tackle your most pressing transportation issues. Visit www.txdot.gov or www.keeptexasmoving.com, or call (512) 463-8588.

list item 4Check out the route of the planned Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor and learn more about other Congressional High Priority Corridors by visiting www.portstoplains.com or calling (806) 775-3373.

list item 5Visit the Governor’s Web site for information on statewide transportation projects at www.governor.state.tx.us/priorities/transportation. For resources and tools to recruit business call (800) 843-5789 or direct in Austin at 936-0100 or visit www.governor.state.tx.us/ecodev.